The Plan:

So this is the plan for my portfolio, and teh reasoning behind the change in focus.

I’ve started working on my first mod for “the Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim”. I’ve posted a few things about what I’ve finished thus far, but there will be more. The sword that I’ve been showing will be part of a larger mod for “Skyrim”. This mod will be using custom weapns, armour, characters and environments (that are mostly lore friendly).

Thus far in my portfolio, I have been working on high-poly cinematic models for animation. However, do to technical limitations, that wasn’t really a feasible idea. Not only that, but doing builds that are high-poly count doesn’t lend itself to video game developement (which is the field I want to get into).

I will be posting alot more updates for this project.

Thank you to my followers for your interest and support, and I would like your help with this project as well. From time to time I will make a post asking you guys for suggestion or opinions on a part of the project.

SUCCESS! (…almost)

I successfully installed my beta sword into skyrim… the mesh atleast lol. The textures didn’t quite load in propperly, and the sword made my EMB acta little weird (probably do to high poly count, purhaps do to the textures not loading properly).

I will do another test of the and hopefully I can get it to work propperly.

New Direction

So tecchnical difficulties have been mostly ironed out. And with a purchase of the “Elder Scroll Anthology” for PC I have decided that I will focus on making mods for the game using my original models and textures.

The reason I have decided to go about my portfolio in this manner is so I can show my work implemented in a video game (as that is the industry I want to work for).

Everything I make for my portfolio (which are made into Skyrim Mods) I will also post onto the steam network or the nexus for anyone to download.

Character Project

Based on the advice of some interested parties, I will be re-starting work on my character project (along side Project Equinox).

Work that needs to be done:
1- Re-work base female character (BFC) mesh to fix issues and have a more natural yet stylized apearence.
2- Rig character mesh using new techniques to eliminate mesh pinching.
3- Re-create base character textures and UV mapping.
4- Create new character (NC) assets and meshes.
5- Attach and rig NC assets with the BFC mesh. As well as adjust BFC facial features and proportions.
6- Create and UV map NC textures, as well as adjust BFC textures.
7- Create NC prop assets.